Saturday, September 20, 2008

My new quad core desktop system...

Recently managed to get a desktop system home, especially after coming back, it was necessary. The laptop just doesnt provide enough power.

This sure looks like a monster for a desktop system usage.

- Quad Core CPU (Core 2 Quad Q6600) at 2.4 GHz, 8 MB L2 Cache
- 2 GB RAM @800 MHz
- 250 GB Seagate Barracuda Hard Disk
- Here I was a bit disappointed. My local vendor just couldnt manage to get me a 10K rpm or higher hard disk from his supplier. He kept saying it would require a SCSI card and all that configuration. From my understanding it should be a simple SATA or SATA2 disk. But, well, this is the first one in place, may be we'd have more... :)

So, with this system in place, I plan to do some interesting things... e.g. running my long awaited local oracle server so that I can work with apex (

Running Hardy on it. To say the least, hardy flies on this system. To start with, everything was detected normally on this configuration and I had no difficulty to make it work with Ubuntu Hardy. Even the live CD worked fine.

Now with the installed copy along with all the updates so far, the system literally flies... The system monitor shows me 4 CPUs and it adds so damned much to my confidence in using this power.... :)

The only issue I have found till now is with my power supply ratings/configuration. It somehow draws a lot of power (the rating on the PSU box says 450W) whereas the Display is not connected to the CPU power (its a TFT anyway). The UPS that I have is a APC with 500 VA rating. The UPS just doesnt hold.

All the power from the UPS comes to just this system and the display. Still it doesnt hold. About the power supply, I was told that the rating (450W) is an indication of how much can this provide, not how much does it need all the time. That might be wrong or right both. I am still figuring that out. No idea till now.


  1. hi raghav.. 450W means the Power Supply "supplies" 450W.
    Do you think 2GB Memory will be enough to run Oracle, Apex, X11 and the developing tools? (eclipse?)

  2. @maze : Hi Marcel, well I did realize that about the power supply. Its the rating, as in the device can handle so much.

    Btw, as it turned out, there was some fault with the UPS, once replaced its working fine. you should note that having a UPS here is pretty important, since unlike switzerland, here in India we do have a considerable number of power cuts (both announced and unannounced) :)

    As far as the memory need goes, I am pretty sure that 2GB is going to be enough.

    First of all there is no windows system to eat up RAM just for the sake of it.

    Further, I have already installed Oracle 11g, and found that the total memory consumption was not even 50% with oracle software running and a small database mounted. With a bigger database, may be I would need more RAM, but hey.. its just an experimental system at home where I dont plan to store terabytes anyway... :)

    Apex should be pretty lightweight.. since -

    = its a layer of oracle objects only, no separate software to be installed.
    = By the very nature of it, apex is supposed to be very light and easy to run and implement, without adding much load to running Oracle databases. So, I dont expect much of issues.

    I am yet to attempt something using Eclipse... but I am not expecting trouble in that area.

    AND, if worst happens, and the RAM is really insuffecient, I still have two slots free on my motherboard. I'd happily buy and install more of RAM... :)

    cheers and keep in touch..

  3. hi Raghav,

    when you try running Hardy, you should try to run Waltham too. It's terrific. Also, with a 450 W power supply, never miss out on GTG. This would also run in parallel with Oracle, and support P2C - well within accepted ranges. I have installed MCF and PLOP, but you wouldn't have any use for it. But, feel free to try ASTRO-Q.

    good luck.