Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Controllers dont respond when...

I had this problem when the server is running nice and fine, but the controllers wont respond. Look at this post

And then I realized the reason for the problem, quite by chance actually, but I found that the current location while launching the server program did matter.

When I start the server from the application-root directory (.../railsapp/sampleApp/ ) using ./script/server it always works fine.

However, if I start the server from .../railsapp/sampleApp/script using ./server it doesnt work.

I think the trick is that from application-root it seems all the application components and directories etc.

Its not a big thing, though I now wish that it was documented properly somewhere.


Saturday, August 11, 2007

Catching up...with rails

Well, I have been reading and experimenting a lot with rails past days.. but didnt really take time out to report anything significant...

First things first, I am deeply interested in this thing now... I am getting more and more into this with each new experiment I come across.

As I mentioned, I have had my experience with web programming, (with Java, J2EE in 2001-2) but that was very different. I was a novice to IT industry in more than one ways... and if I compare what we had to do at that time to make one servlet run on a given app server, current effort looks minuscule. Its just so much more simple.. easy.. I like it.

In the meantime, I have been working on different technologies, really far away from the web world. But, after my brush with ruby, I am actively thinking of getting into more web based app development.

In the days that passed by, I have tried to follow a few tutorials which were really nice starters for me. I list them here...
  1. links courtesy Ruby on Rails site ( These tutorials might be old in time, but they are still excellent starts for ruby on rails
    1. part 1
    2. part 2
    3. part 3

And then, I got hold of some books on ruby on rails...

Agile web development with rails 2nd Edition, is a masterpiece for rails starters. May be I liked it more given my background in programming, but I have to say, it just such a nice book... I really have to give the writer guys full marks for putting across such a nice book. Great work guys.. keep it up.