Friday, June 29, 2007

Apache Experience on Ubuntu@HP 6710b

Well, I have this feeling that the ubuntu apache package that we receive from the repositories is built a bit differently than the standard build for apache.

I was looking into all sorts of apache configuration files after I installed the ubuntu apache package. (apache2 actually). I wanted to change the document root, and enable/disable some modules...couldnt really succeed.

So, for me, the solution eventually was to download the source from, its a newer version there, and compile it myself. That was pretty easy. And it worked after that. Then I found all the regular file locations, config files etc. that I have always known about apache.

But, there the catch is, the default installation does not seem to provide/setup automatic startup scripts for init.d kind of locations.

I am still after that task. would post as soon as i find the solution/fix it myself...


Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Aggregator : Sorted Input

You would read everywhere that an aggregator responds faster if you provide it sorted data. Yeah, thats correct in theory.

But, be careful while doing that. If you decide to use Sorter transformation to sort data, the end result might be slower. However, another option is to use sorting at the source qualifier level..

In one of my experiments on Powercenter 7.1.3, I had the following stats :

Source Data : 277000 rows
time for an aggregator :

No sorted input : 22 seconds
With sorter in mapping : 50 seconds
With sorting in Src Qualifer : 16 seconds

My view is, if possible, do the sorting at db end.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Oracle Installation on my Ubuntu

Well, downloading Oracle was the easier part... I guess...

I realized I was in trouble when I launched the runinstaller for Oracle the first time. Apparantly, Oracle linux distributions are meant to be used with Redhat Linux only. Then I had to go over to ubuntu forums to seek help.

Not only there, I had to go elsewhere as well, and finally found a page that really helped me fool the Oracle installation into believing that the system is actually a Redhat and not an Ubuntu. :) Funny thing...

I would post the link that helped me.. sure...

Then I could actually install the whole thing... following the fooling around instructions.. and some config settings. :)

Eventually, I managed to install the oracle 10g database. Run some test connections... some test sqls.. using command line.. as well as from Oracle Sql Developer (not a bad tool actually.. huh.. I have to say that since I have always used Toad otherwise).

Then come to blues about configuration. For some reason, oracle installation did not install any nice shortcuts for anything. None for Net Services configuration, for Listener configuration, nothing done for getting the database/listener registered as services.. or to start them up automatically at system boot up. All of that has to be done manually... And I had a hard time realizing that... That there is nothing given for that kind of stuff from Oracle installation. (Having a Windows Oracle Installation experience, this could be tricky..)

Well then, I dont know yet, whether Oracle just dont do it for any linux/unix installation, or it did not do that for mine, since it was being fooled into believing that it was a Redhat installation even though it was actually not.

I'd spend some time doing that myself...

And would come back with more info on to this page.

till then

Thoughts on Ubuntu

I was playing around with OWB starting last weeks of May. After a bit of reading the manuals and instructions here and there, I was able to set it up on my Windows XP SP2 Home Edition. I dont hate windows (like many people), but I do love Unix like environments... However, I realized that Win XP Home ws probably not a great idea for running oracle and owb together... Not to forget that the laptop was also used at times for video streaming and dvd playing...

So, It was in first week of June that I realized that I need a Linux server to run my oracle database for experiments. I was looking for distributions and decided to go for Ubuntu Feisty Fawn. Liked it immediately... Its so simple.

Comparing to my last Linux experience... in 2003-4 (with Mandrake 9), this one is simply great. :) My system is a 4 year old veteran.. Dell Inspiron 5100, P4 (2.4 GHz), running at 1.25GB RAM and 40GB HDD. I turned about 40% of the HDD for Linux.

The basic installation itself took a lot of HDD space. and then I had to shell out about 2.5 GB for the Windows Virtual Machine (Using Free VMWare) I wanted to build .. for running some windows specific client software. Which would then talk to my oracle server.

Then I spent time (a few hours every day.. much to annoyance of my wife) in setting the environment up... to make it more usable.. u know.. as in user friendly.. tested a few things.. installed this package.. that package.. stuff like that.

Eventually, I set up myself and downloaded the 10g distributions for oracle and owb. That was the easy part I guess.. because what came next to me was hell...

Friday, June 15, 2007

First thoughts on Mac

I already have a 4 year old Dell Inspiron 5100 (p4@2.4GHz, 1.25GB RAM, 40GB HDD). Being a Dell, it has got its own problems. Personally, I wont really complain about the machine, it has served well during the past years.

However, with my new needs coming in for a second laptop (many small reasons), I have to look for a suitable one.

From the background I come from, a new pc/laptop by default means a Windows based one. Recently, Linux has emerged as another choice, but only among technical people who have a flair for experimenting and need the unix like environment for programming. However, Linux has not yet made its mark as the desktop operating system choice . Perhaps upcoming years will add the maturity, to make it usable by an end user.

A colleague at office has been advocating Mac very strongly (he already has one). After looking at the macbook that he has, I was forced to think, Is it not worth it...

Thats when I started looking at the apple website and comparing technical specifications.

At the same time, I posted my dilemma to certain groups at the usenet forums.

Here are the threads...

Post at comp.sys.mac.advocacy

Post at comp.sys.mac.apps

Post at comp.sys.mac.system

Will continue posting more of my experiences...


Buying choice for laptop ... Mac or Windows...


I plan to post my findings/research while planning to buy my next laptop over here.

The idea was to explore whether or not switching to Macintosh makes sense.

I have had two colleagues and few sites to look forward to. Had also looked at the kind of hardware apple is providing as against the currently available windows based laptop lines.

shall post some things from past as well as from my upcoming experiences.