Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Apple and India...

Well, this is sad, particularly for someone in India, who avoids getting cracked iPhones...

Only yesterday Apple and Airtel announced availability of iPhone 3GS in India and today I get to read this, that Apple is releasing a new/better hardware for iPhone coming summer.

So, basically, India as an iPhone market is going to lag behind the rest of world by at least one model this time around as well.

Sometimes, I dont understand Apple's marketing strategy, specially in Indian context. As an Economy, India is probably the largest in the emerging market economies closely behind China. That statement should alone prove to be a "lucrative market" for any company which aims for growth.

This is specially interesting when we look at the number of iPhones already used in India with cracked OS's.

This doenst help a company's revenues if the product is consumed in a market where the company doesn't officially sell the product.

Also, the number of iPhones used in India, should give Apple an indication about the marketability of their product in this market. Personally, I think as a product from Apple's stable, iPhone has a lot of glamour linked to it.
And therefore, huge possibilities in India for Apple.

The new iPhone's rumoured specs look stunning, 5 MP camera, better display resolution, more processing power, possible multi tasking, video calling camera and few other things. After reading that, my plans to order an iPhone 3GS have taken a back seat. I want to see this product coming to market, further to see, when does it come to India.

Apple seems to listening to customers.. the kind of improvements rumoured is possibly the exact list of things someone might say are downsides of iPhone...

Good luck Apple, and India, hoping for a better collaboration this time around...

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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Explain plan of Infobright

We all knw that Infobright is based on MySql. However, when I started with Infobright, I was equally unaware of both.

Today I got to know about Infobright's explain plan collection technique, and realized how different it is from Oracle's.

A typical explain plan from oracle talks about the path it follows to retrieve the data, and somehow makes common sense to read a plan.

On the other hand, an explain plan from Infobright looks nothing like the Oracle's plan. Its a set of cryptic rows put together. An example of such a plan -

2010-03-18 01:31:01 [4] T:-1 = TABLE_ALIAS(T:0,"myTableName")
T:-2 = TMP_TABLE(T:-1)
VC:-2.0 = CREATE_VC(T:-2,PHYS_COL(T:-1,
A:-1 = T:-2.ADD_COLUMN(VC:-2.0,AVG,"
A:-2 = T:-2.ADD_COLUMN(VC:-2.0,MAX,"
A:-3 = T:-2.ADD_COLUMN(VC:-2.0,MIN,"
A:-4 = T:-2.ADD_COLUMN(,COUNT,"count(
VC:-2.1 = CREATE_VC(T:-2,PHYS_COL(T:-1,
A:-5 = T:-2.ADD_COLUMN(VC:-2.1,GROUP_
VC:-2.2 = CREATE_VC(T:-2,PHYS_COL(T:-1,
A:-6 = T:-2.ADD_COLUMN(VC:-2.2,GROUP_
VC:-2.3 = CREATE_VC(T:-2,PHYS_COL(T:-1,
A:-7 = T:-2.ADD_COLUMN(VC:-2.3,GROUP_
VC:-2.4 = CREATE_VC(T:-2,PHYS_COL(T:-1,
A:-8 = T:-2.ADD_COLUMN(VC:-2.4,GROUP_
VC:-2.5 = CREATE_VC(T:-2,PHYS_COL(T:-1,
A:-9 = T:-2.ADD_COLUMN(VC:-2.5,GROUP_
VC:-2.6 = CREATE_VC(T:-2,PHYS_COL(T:-1,
A:-10 = T:-2.ADD_COLUMN(VC:-2.6,GROUP_
VC:-2.7 = CREATE_VC(T:-2,PHYS_COL(T:-2,

And, guess what, to generate a plan, you have to change a setting in the initialization parameters file, and then bounce the db. I wonder if there have been any instances when someone had to look into production database's performance and therefore needed to look at some plan.

Being as new a system as it is, I cant really complain, since such things of maturity will slowly creep in. The focus right now is probably elsewhere, building the functionality, and probably performance.

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