Sunday, March 13, 2011

convert Informatica Session Logs to text/xml format for out of tool readability

There was a situation recently when the infa repository was not able to point us to the old session logs.
However, the file system still had those files.

But the session log files are in binary format by default. If you didnt ask for backward compatible session log files, you'd get a binary format of session log file on file system. This is done to allow better importability of the session log files for infa support guys.

So, I had a few log files in binary format, and needed to analyze them.
Informatica provides a subcommand for infacmd to achieve that conversion.

The convertLogFile subcommand takes three parameters. Syntax is as follows -

convertLogFile <-InputFile|-in> input_file_name
                 [<-Format|-fm> format_TEXT_XML]
                 [<-OutputFile|-lo> output_file_name]

so, when you launch this, you can specify the input file to be converted, the format as TEXT or XML and the output file that you'd want as a result of conversion.

An example call would look like this -  (expecting server on unix) convertLogFile -in /path/to/binary/format/sesslog/file -fm TEXT -lo /my/home/text/format/sesslog/file


  1. Its still possible to use the binary file, if you are on one of unix/linux flavours. Just manage to find a string/pattern that you might be looking for.

    grep will not help a lot since it would come back and say that pattern is found in the binary file. However, if you do more that allows an opportunity for searching using (/)... and that is your saviour...

    gud luck

  2. @Raghav this infacmd command cannot be used from any path except $INFA_HOME/server/bin.Can you suggest some other way

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