Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Installing Oracle 11g on Ubuntu server 64bit on vmware server 2 beta

I have this wish to install a hardy server version on my system. Since I did not want to add another partition, so I chose to do that inside a virtual machine (using vmware). vmware supports 64bit Guest Operating system, as opposed to virtual box which does not. :(

So, I have been able to install the server edition inside the vmware machine. I have never used nfs before, but the tutorial I was following was suggesting to use it.


However, I am having problems with -
  1. Trying to expand the virtual hard disk inside vmware. I tried it, but havent succeeded yet.
  2. The Oracle installer exits with a strange error message.
I have posted my issues on the ubuntu forums, and havent got any solution yet. Lets see how it goes...

1 comment:

  1. Ubuntu server doesn't come loaded with X-windows, right? Did you not use Oracle OUI wizard for installation then? Did the installation go off well?